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Richard Anderson was there for television's bionic beginning with the "Six Million Dollar Man" and shortly thereafter "The Bionic Woman" And he was responsible for bringing back bionics in the form of three very highly rated tv features.

Anderson sold the studio and the networks on the tv features, which he exec-produced. They are: "The Return of the Six-Million Dollar Man" and the Bionic Woman," "Bionic Showdown" and the CBS hit, "Bionic Ever After."

In the halcyon days of the major studios, Anderson was under contract to MGM where he appeared in over 26 films while in the process of fulfilling his six year contract. He was released from that contract to play starring role in Stanley Kubrick's "Paths of Glory," something different in movie-making. And again he decided on something different when he accepted a starring role as station commander in Miramax's recently re-issued, critically acclaimed Charles Burnett film "The Glass Shield."

Along the way Richard did "The Long, Hot Summer" for 20th-Century Fox which was followed by a Broadway appearance in "The Highest Tree."

By now tv was making its mark on the entertainment industry. Fox beckoned again, this time for their tv series "Bus Stop." Richard accepted. After a season, he moved on to the "Twelve O"Clock High" series and then joined "Perry Mason."

The actor returned to film, appearing in four or five features and then it was back to tv in "Dan August," the television series for ABC-TV.

Following "August," Anderson joined Lee Majors for five years in "The Six Million Dollar Man," as Oscar Goldman the Washington honcho. He became the first actor to play the same character in two series on different networks at the same time when he joined Lindsay Wagner as her co-star in "The Bionic Woman." He received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series for that role.

Statistically Anderson is six feet, three-inches tall with brown hair and eyes and weighs 175 pounds. He is a Beverly Hills, California resident with three daughters, a sports buff, tennis player, a car enthusiast, and--an insatiable traveler.

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